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[CS14H / F liquid expansion steam traps - Product Description] CS14H / F liquid expansion steam trap is a kind of thermostatic traps, which can be in the steam pipe network and the use of equipment in a timely manner to exclude condensate and automatically prevent steam leakage, which can guarantee the supply of steam with normal steam equipment to improve the efficiency of steam and heat transport, the product temperature within its key parts, made of high quality steel bellows, made of special welding technology, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Having a drain temperature adjustment mechanism, can be adjusted between 80-100 ℃, easy to use. Drainage is continuous, and there is no noise. Temperature-sensitive components, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. From vibration, pressure fluctuations and the effect of water vapor lithium. Small size, light weight, easy installation. Trap temperature of the element is filled with a liquid, when the condensate below a given temperature 80-100 ℃, the liquid component of the smaller size, components shrink, condensate discharge valve open, and vice versa, when the anti-steam condensate high at 80-100 ℃, the element Peng expansion, the valve is closed, preventing the media outflow through the valve adjustment mechanism to adjust the 80-100 ℃ in any given angle.