Van cầu A182-F316 FLGD-FF Cl.150

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Size Range: DN15 - DN600 / 1/2" - 24"
Design Standards: MSS-SP80 / BS5154/BS1873 /ASME B16.34
Pressure Ratings: Class 150LB, Class 300LB,CLASS600LB Class900,class1500, PN10~PN250
End Connections: Flanged ASME B16.5, EN1092-1 (Flat Face FF or Raised Face flange (RF) , RING TYPE JOINT FLANGE(RTJ))
Face to Face: ASME B16.10 ,ASME B16.47 , EN558-1
Globe valve Type Through way type , Y type Globe valve, and Angle Type globe valve, OS&Y, Rising Stem .
DISC Plug type disc, regulating disc(throttling disc) ,regular disc,
Seat Integral Seat , Optional Extras Renewable Seats 2"/ DN50 and above
Operated type :Hand wheel , Gear Operated, Pneumatic Operated, Electric Operated, Impact Hand wheel Operated
Pressure Testing: API 598 or BS EN 12266-1:2003,DIN3230
Optional Extras: Locking Devices Open and Close Indicator Bare stem with ISO5210 top mounting pad for actuator etc.
Stainless Steel Globe valves : A351 CF8(F304),CF8M(F316),CF3(F304L),CF3M(F316L),CF8C(F347),F321,F321H,CK20 Alloy Steel Globe valves : Monel 400, monel k500, alloy20,904L,CN7M, Inconel, Hastelloy® B&C Duplex Stainless Steel Globe valves: A351 CN7M(B473), CD4MCu(F50),CK3MCuN(F44),CG8M,A890-1A,4A,5A,6A, A182 F44,F50,F51,F53,F310 Bronze Globe valves , Nickel aluminum bronze(NAB) Globe valves , Gunmeta Globe valves: B148 C95500,C95800,C95400,B62, C83600,B61,B62 C92200, B150 C63200 DIN Stainless Stee Globe valves: 1.4408, 1.4308